We're enthusiastic, creative, experienced, different, yet fully degen. A big team that's been here from day one and will stay for a long run. For some of us, it could be the first web3 project, but at the same time, our team members have a few successful AAA and web3 games behind their belts – probably nothing.



He is a passionate entrepreneur and web3 builder with more than one successful web3 and NFT project under his belt.


Game Director

Building worlds out of tiny ideas. Aiming to transfer his 14 years of game development experience, including AAA games, into web3.


Production Advisor

8 years in game production mean a lot. Looking to apply all his background knowledge, including AAA game production, to make Chainers one of the most exciting experiences web 3 has ever seen.


Director of Engineering

A startup engineering veteran, and a crypto enthusiast. Eager to transfer all his skills and experience into NFT space & web3.


Community Director

A skilled community manager who knows ways to unite people around ideas. Has a strong background working with successful web 3.0 projects.



Building web journeys that delight the eye. A website can't look perfect if it's not designed, or at least reviewed by him.


Project Manager

A passionate manager who can lead the team in the right direction knowing everyone's doing the right stuff at the moment.


Junior Game Designer

Chainers is his first web3 adventure. On our team he's exploring new ideas and finding ways to make each Chainer's experience as breathtaking as it can be.



The father-creator of every Chainer's appearance. Works to make sure that Chainers gonna be happy creatures living in a fancy-looking world.


Community Manager

Social media expert – she knows what to do so our community never gets bored. The one who's always there for you on Chainers socials.


Community Manager

A seasoned community builder with a passion for NFTs and web3.


WebGL 3D Developer

The one who'll help you tame your Chainer, make them run, jump, and even dance.


Game Developer
Full Stack Developer

The big Chainer coder who always has tasks completed. You wouldn't see a single chainer move, moreover, you wouldn't even see our website without him doing his job.


Full Stack Developer

A huge NFT fan and the one on a mission to create the smoothest minting experience for y'all, Chainers.