The Best Thing That Happened to NFTs!

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Chainers is a crypto metaverse where you can create your own characters and compete to earn rewards. NFTs are cool, but NFTs that you can develop, grow, and compete for world domination with are even better!

Get your hands on your very own Chainers NFT and start building your empire today. Either trade with other people in the metaverse or battle it out in epic mini-games for riches and fame, the choice is yours. The more you expand your Chainers empire, the more powerful you become in the metaverse, and the more valuable your collection gets!

What are you waiting for?



Waitlist minting, public minting, and community airdrops of the Chainers NFT


Launching the Chainers DAO and new token breeding for holders.


First games of the Chainers Metaverse and famous NFT and crypto projects integrations.


Establishing the Chainverse – our own Metaverse that will include multiple project integrations, the Chainers DAO, and the huge game universe.


Reaching the singularity or maybe sending Chainers to open space, or perhaps colonizing Mars – it all depends on our DAO’s board’s tastes and wishes.

Let’s build the future together

Chainers DAO

We’re on the verge of something huge happening.

You know why?

As we mentioned before, Chainers isn’t going to be just another NFT PfP collection, and besides games, NFT breeding, other projects integration, and all the amazing stuff announced on our Roadmap, Chainers NFT is going to have a community-driven DAO.

What does it mean?

By holding one of the Chainers NFT, you automatically get a chair on the board of the Chainers DAO which will let you vote for all the changes applied to the Chainers’ smart contract.
It means you decide what our common goals are! Whether we send Chainers to colonize Mars, make the next scientific breakthrough or just buy a collection of rare post stamps – it’s absolutely up to you!

Wanna book your place on the board?

Join our community now!
Chainers NFT is a community-driven project that we created with you and for you, so while the DAO’s smart contract is in development, the Community will play a key part in deciding where to go and what to do next.
Become a part of the innovation


What is Chainers?

Chainers is a metaverse that lets you play epic games and customize your character by using the coolest NFTs around, giving you a rewarding and entertaining experience. You are able to buy, earn, trade and sell various Chainers NFTs to build your empire and become the most powerful Chainer in the Chainers metaverse.

Instead of simply collecting NFTs, Chainers allows you to use your special Chainers NFT characters to compete in events and mini-games, letting you earn even more NFTs along the way!

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a digital token that verifies ownership of a digital artwork, song or something else. An NFT can be absolutely anything your heart desires. It’s simply a token stored on the blockchain that’s linked to a digital item, such as a picture, and verifies your ownership.

These can then be used in various ways, with collecting being the most popular.

Is Chainers an NFT collectible project?

NFTs are best known for being collectibles, and you can opt to do that with your Chainers NFTs. Or, you can use them in the Chainers metaverse to compete with other players through fun games, competitions and activities. This is how you earn more NFTs and build up the world around your character.

Start out with a basic NFT and conquer upgrades and cool collectibles that allow you to gain power and become the talk of the metaverse and, of course, off-blockchain too, as the value of everything you claim grows! The choice is totally yours!

How can I mint a Chainers NFT?

Minting Chainers NFTs is as easy as pie. If it’s your first NFT, you’ll be able to buy it, with the purchase triggering the minting process. Then, every time you unlock a new feature, skin, house or car for your collection by competing in events, you’ll automatically mint new NFTs.

Are Chainers NFTs unique?

Your Chainers NFT is unique to you, and there will be a limited supply of NFTs available. That means that depending on the competitions you win, the customizations that you buy and the airdrops that you randomly receive as a player will allow you to style your own unique and funky NFT. The more you play, the more cool features your NFT will have!