Chainer is an alien creature who came to our galaxy to explore, create, and have fun. We have 11 111 Chainers in our collection, divided into 15 races and 500 characteristics.
Chainers is being developed as a gameplay-based Metaverse with a sustainable economy structure.
Craft most of the game assets presented in the game, own assets as NFT, farm resources, use editing tools for the creation of community-based assets, create communities with their own crafting gameplay, flex your assets and receive rewards for that, compete in various games (for example, horse racing betting), vote and affect development backlog, meet new friends, control quality of user-generated content, and many many else.
Yes, throughout the early phases of the game, you will need an NFT to get access to the Metaverse.
Chainers' End-game will be centered on community-oriented complicated NFT gameplay activities, as well as different tools for in-game governance and mature creative tools.
Chainers will start with inexpensive WL and Public Sale prices and see how things go further.