A Chainer is the game’s starting point. Shortly, you can get your first Chainer here, if you haven’t done it yet, and customize them with new NFT features daily. So don’t hesitate, and start claiming your Chainers NFT for free today!

What’s the utility of a free Chainers NFT?

First, go and grab your first Chainer now! It will let you collect numerous NFT outfits for them daily. Your character with acquired features will serve as a key to entering the Metaverse. The more NFT assets you gather for your hero now, the more benefits you'll get in the game.

When can I claim my Chainer?

Haven’t you yet? Then go and grab it now! And make sure to follow us on socials not to miss any other Free NFT opportunities.

How to play Chainers in AR?

Claim your free NFT daily and scan a special QR using your smartphone to let your Chainer out into a real party with friends.

What is Chainers Shop, and what can I do there?

Our brand new Chainers Shop is a place where you can finally utilize your $FRI! Buy extra NFT boosters and unique seasonal NFT cards for $FRI. The Shop NFT collection is truly unique and won’t be available in your daily NFT packs.

What is $FRI, and why do I need it?

$FRI is Chainers main in-game and Chainers Shop currency. You get 140 $FRI along with your very first Chainer, and you keep on getting 10 $FRI every time you claim a Chainers NFT pack.

You can sell any Chainers NFT for $FRI right from the dressing room or buy unique Chainers NFT for $FRI in the brand new Chainers Shop.

How to use AR mode in Chainers?

Open up new horizons for your Chainer! If you don't have it yet, it's time to fix it! Claim free NFT every day and share them with your friends in AR. To do this, scan the QR code with your smartphone and enjoy non-stop fun! Make a video with your Chainer, organize a photoshoot, or generate unique content for your social media popularity.


  • - Craft in-game assets and own them as NFTs
  • - Farm resources
  • - Use editing tools to customize almost anything around you
  • - Create in-game communities or even your own mini-games
  • - Flex your assets and receive rewards for that
  • - Compete in various games (horse betting, shooters, racing, etc.)
  • - Vote and affect the next development steps
  • - Meet new friends.


The end product we aim to deliver will be based on community-driven NFT gameplay, in-game governance, and advanced creative tools.


Just imagine, now you can get your Chainer-hero for FREE. Then, for some time, you can utilize a unique opportunity to collect FREE NFT assets to customize and upgrade your character daily. All your Chainer's skills, clothes, and special features will be represented by NFTs and applicable in the game.

Which blockchain is "Chainers" based on?

"Chainers" is based on our internal sidechain, which is based on Polygon.

My NFT fail to mint. What do I do?

Once you open your NFT pack, you see the items it contains while the mint process continues in the background. Unfortunately, sometimes certain items fail to mint.

In this case, the items disappear from the dashboard, the timer resets, and you should reopen your NFT pack.

However, if such a problem persists, please let us know by filling in this form.

What is $FRI? How do I get or use it?

$FRI is the Shop Token – Chainers in-game currency you can use to buy additional NFT packs or items. You’ll get 10 $FRI every day you claim Free NFT on CHAINERS.IO. You can earn more $FRI by participating in various events we announce on our social media.