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Сhainers is a one-stop web 3.0 game that provides you with free NFTs every day letting you play, socialize, create unique & AR content, and trade.

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Unique NFT items


To popularity with NFT in AR


Levels of NFT progression

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Free NFTs every day!

Get a limited edition of free NFTs every day!

Hey weirdos! Do you wanna take advantage of a huge growth opportunity? Welcome to Chainers – the next-gen NFT metagame for web 3.0 fun-seekers! Take a chance to get an NFT for free. Claim NFTs every day, play them in AR mode, create fun content and share it with your friends. The more NFTs you collect – the more opportunities you'll have in the future game.

Get Free NFTs
limited edition

Why play with Chainers?

plate free

Free NFT distribution every day

playable in AR

Your NFTs are playable in AR


Each claiming portion is available for 24 hours only


The NFTs will have utility and rarity in the future game


get character


Get your Chainer

Boost your hero with extra NFT features daily

claim new digital


Claim new digital assets every day

New NFT clothes, accessories, and tools are available only 24h

in game


Your Chainer is your game pass

The more NFTs you collect – the more opportunities you'll have in the game

The AR mode is out now!

Get the most out of your Chainer! Take them out into the real world and let your creativity run wild. Team up with your NFT character and start a trend that's uniquely yours!

How to play Chainers in AR?

  • Go to the Chainers HUB & claim your free 3 NFTs
  • Scan a QR code using your smartphone
  • Create your cool content in AR mode
  • Share your AR Chainer with everyone!
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Get ready to join something extraordinary! Your Chainer NFT will be the key to a community-driven game with a creative economy. Imagine a world where you can lose yourself in addictive gameplay, design essentially anything around you and even create your own gaming experiences in the world with limitless creative potential. Join 100k+ players worldwide already having fun with Chainers!

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Explore the world of Chainers


Addictive gameplay

Compete with others and build your Chainer Empire. We are building an open world with addictive gameplay and countless games.



Chainers Metaverse was designed for a social and imaginative experience. Embrace the opportunity to make Chainers clothing, accessories, housing, and surroundings.

Create & Trade

Create & Trade

Based on a creative economy principle, Chainers Metaverse will allow you to build assets, have full ownership, and be able to exchange them on the market! Apply your creative skills and get the most out of Chainers!

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A Chainer is the game’s starting point. If you haven’t already, you can get your first Chainer here and personalize it with new NFT features every day. Don’t wait any longer, and begin collecting your free Chainers NFT now!

What’s the utility of a free Chainers NFT?

Start your journey by acquiring your first Chainer! It will enable you to collect a wide range of NFT outfits for your Chainer daily. Your character with acquired features will serve as a key to entering the Metaverse. The more NFT assets you gather for your hero now, the more benefits you'll get in the game.

When can I claim my Chainer?

Haven’t you yet? Then go and grab it now! And make sure to follow us on socials not to miss any other Free NFT opportunities.

How to play Chainers in AR?

Claim your free NFTs daily and scan a unique QR using your smartphone to let your Chainer out into a real party with friends.

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