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Chainers is a Web 3.0 game that offers daily NFT rewards. With over 350,000 players globally and 25 million minted NFTs, it allows you to have fun, make friends, produce original and AR content, and trade on the marketplace

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Unique NFT items


Increasing NFT popularity in AR


Levels of NFT progression

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Daily Free NFT & Rewards

Receive a Daily Allocation of Exclusive Free NFTs

For those seeking to have fun in Web 3.0, Chainers is the ultimate NFT metagame. Don't miss the opportunity to receive a free NFT! Get your hands on NFTs every day, put them to use in augmented reality, make entertaining content, and share it with your friends. Plus, you can also get rare, seasonal NFT cards.

Grab them for $FRI in our newly opened Chainers store. Begin leveling up your NFT hero ahead of the game launch and gain an edge in the thrilling Chainers universe!

Get Free NFT
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Why Choose Chainers?

plate free

Receive a daily AR-powered NFT for free


Purchase unique NFT cards in the marketplace

$FRI tokens

Utilize the in-game token, $FRI, to acquire unique seasonal NFT cards


The NFT will be useful and scarce in the upcoming game

How to Generate
Free NFTs in Chainers

get character


Acquire your Chainer

Every day, you can get a new NFT that enhances your hero's appearance

claim new digital


Make amazing AR content

Animate your Chainer and show it off to your pals

in game


Purchase exclusive NFT cards in the marketplace

Use $FRI to increase your collection's value and uniqueness

AR mode is available now!

Don't miss this opportunity to have fun with your Chainer! Explore the ecosystem with it and unleash your imagination. Utilize your NFT character to create your own style!

Steps for Playing Chainers in AR:

  • Visit the Chainers HUB and redeem your complimentary NFT
  • Use your smartphone to scan a QR code
  • Craft captivating content using the AR mode
  • Show off your AR Chainer to the world!
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The Ultimate NFT Game Experience

Prepare to enter something amazing! Gain entry to a player-centric game developed with a thriving creative economy with your Chainer NFT. It offers a platform where you’re sure to have a lot of fun playing games, designing whatever you want, and even inventing your own games with endless possibilities for creativity. Experience the thrill of Chainers with over 200k gamers around the globe!

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Discover the Chainers Ecosystem


Engaging Gameplay

Challenge others and grow your Chainer kingdom. We are creating a massively multiplayer online environment with endless games and exciting gaming



Users are encouraged to engage in creative and social activities within the Chainers metaverse. Seize the chance to design Chainers' clothing, homes, accessories, and environments.

Create & Trade


The Chainers Metaverse is a platform for the creative economy that lets you create assets, own them completely, and trade them on the marketplace. Maximize your experience with Chainers by putting your imagination to work!

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A Chainer is the game’s starting point. If you haven’t already, you can get your first Chainer here and personalize it with new NFT features every day. Don’t wait any longer, and begin collecting your free Chainers NFT now!

What’s the utility of a free Chainers NFT?

Start your journey by acquiring your first Chainer! It will enable you to collect a wide range of NFT outfits for your Chainer daily. Your character with acquired features will serve as a key to entering the Metaverse. The more NFT assets you gather for your hero now, the more benefits you'll get in the game.

When can I claim my Chainer?

Haven’t you yet? Then go and grab it now! And make sure to follow us on socials not to miss any other Free NFT opportunities.

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