Are you ready for Chainers?

The first in the world UGC governed NFT metaverse is upon you! Chainers are a set of NFT characters that were thrown out of space to become faceless creatures on planet Earth. It is down to you how your Chainers will dress, style, and how will their skills and souls evolve through communicating with others, playing user-generated games and building a new Web3 culture in the Chainers metaverse.


Similar to humans, Chainers will have to adapt to the world around them. This will dictate their powers and it is how this power is used that kicks off a turn of events we, the humans, call life. It is a one-of-a-kind space, where your thinking, creativity and persistence govern success in the ever-expanding world of Chainers. Build real estate, play games, modify your Chainers soul and use your creativity to build a new world! The future is in thy hands and it’s your call what to make of it.