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What would you like to grow?

Harvest Crypto Rewards Every 12 Hours!

Welcome to the Chainers Farm — the first NFT farm where crops bloom into real crypto rewards every 12 hours. The process is simple: grow the plants, await the harvest, and exchange them in reward pools. The countdown begins now. Remember, the reward pool closes every 12 hours! Sign in now and get a Chainers hero, your first NFT booster, a farm starter pack, and even 100 $FRI!

Your Farm, Your Crypto Adventure:

A Simple How-to Guide

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Get Crypto while playing NFT Farm

Play the first web 3.0 farm fully integrated with blockchain technology, where you can earn real rewards in just 12 hours. The clock is ticking — the more you cultivate, the more you gain!

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Unlock Exclusive Farm Boosters and Earn More

Enjoy the full potential of your farm with Farm Boosters! From common to rare seeds, alongside versatile garden beds, they are essential for a crypto farm. Don't miss out — the early bird gets the best crops!

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Grow and harvest

your crops

Here, you don't just cultivate crops; you cultivate success. Remember, the reward pool closes in 12 hours. Act fast to see your farm thrive!

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Earn Daily Rewards

Each harvest will turn your virtual produce into real rewards! Exchange corps for access to an exclusive reward pool which includes in-game currencies like $FRI, $MATIC, and Fidelity Bonds. Claim your first reward before the pool closes!

your questions, answered!

How to start playing Chainers Farm?

Kickstart your journey with Farm Boosters! Before diving into the game, you will receive your first booster packed with essential items like garden beds, seeds, and in the future, fertilizers.

Press 'play' and watch your booster unveil its contents. Then, choose to start your game directly from the pop-up or click 'play' once more. Looking for more boosters? Interact with the Vending Booster Machine in the game or visit Chainers Shop Page to enhance your gameplay. Stay tuned for future updates where boosters will be integrated directly into the game!

How to play on the farm?

The gameplay involves these steps: planting seeds, waiting for the crops to grow, and finally harvesting! The best part? Getting rewards for harvest!

Transform your daily harvest into unique reward within Chainers! Every day get a new opportunity to exchange yields for exclusive prizes. Exciting, isn't it.

What are Farm Boosters?

Think of Farm Boosters as your farming treasure troves. Farm Boosters are special packs that contain items needed for farming, like seeds and garden beds. They are similar to the store packs but are specifically tailored for the farm.

How can I buy a Booster?

Easy! Interact with the Vending Booster Machine in the game. Choose your preferred currency, and after payment, the booster items are added to your game inventory.

What is $FRI, and Why do I need it?

$FRI is Chainers main in-game and Chainers Shop currency. You get 100 $FRI for registration.

You can sell any Chainers NFT for $FRI right from the dressing room or buy unique Chainers NFT for $FRI in the brand new Chainers Shop.

What rewards can I earn?

You can earn various types of rewards from the reward pool, including $FRI, internal $MATIC, and Chainers Fidelity Bonds (CFB). CFBs will be used for participating in $CHU token airdrops.

What are Fidelity Bonds?

In the future, you will be able to exchange your first $CHU tokens for Fidelity Bonds as a special reward from $CHU. Opportunities like this won't last forever! These bonds are not just any asset — they're a smart way to compensate for the $CHU token.

Think of them as a golden ticket, offering an innovative alternative to $CHU.

How can I use Fidelity Bonds in the future?

The future shines bright for holders of Fidelity Bonds!

Soon, you will be able to exchange them for $CHU or use them to buy items in the Shop.

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